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Meet the owners of Gunny's Place we are a family owned kennel in West Jordan Utah
Lisa and Troy
Dad is a Marine who severed around the world. This is why you will see many Marine references and Marine based names “Gunny Monster” You will also find the Marine's Core Values are embedded in everything the Kennel is involved in. Those Values for those of you have never met and or dealt with a Marine in your lifetime are as such; "Honor, Courage Commitment”
Here is a video of the history of Dad's main duty station

Dad’s Graduation Photo Marine Corps Boot Camp

Mom is Italian and Spanish decent. Dad says that mom has what it takes to tame all of us and keep us in line
The Family Newest to the family
Our dogs are family oriented and raised as part of our family. No dog from Gunny’s Place will be sold to anyone who does not have the dog’s best interest and care for the dog.
Our Furry Family
We spend our summers and downtime at our cabin next to Flaming Gorge in northeastern Utah. The background you see is from Spirit Lake. Located close to our cabin and has special meaning to the family. Since dad was life lighted after being involved in a dirt bike and deer mishap. He missed hitting the deer but slid into a rock and cracked two ribs, tore the kidney, and spleen.
Spirit Lake Where Dad Was Hurt Rock I slid into missing deer