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We initially started out as breeders of Olde English Bullgogges. Then a few years ago our primary dog for our program became a mascot for the local Toys for Tots organization. Since then we have been supporting them. As well as a few other organizations we have found along the way. We currently work with and support the following organizations; Toys for Tots, Companions for Heroes, The American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation, Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial, Click below on the organizations to see more details and or get involved and or make a donation.

Toys for Tots Companions For Heroes (formerly Pets2Vets and P2V) Gunny Supports American Fallen Warrior Memeorial Foundation Utah's Fallen Warriors Memorial Utah West Detachment 1332

It has Taken us a couple of years to put together our portable display but it is finally assembled. The parts vary depending on needs of the event.

Gunny's DisplayGunny's Display

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All the uniforms Gunny appears in are hand tailored by the greet people at McGrew Studios. they can help you with all your needs
McGrew Studios LLc

Gunny was recently involved in a short fan film you can watch it here

Gunny MonsterGunny MonsterGunny MonsterGunny Monster
Gunny's Place is a member of the following

Utah West Detachment 1332 International Olde English Bulldogge Association National Bulldog Association